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FAQ - Glossary

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Device ID

A Device ID is the unique identification code we allocate to a phone running the TimeCard application. The Device ID is used to identify a particular phone during server communication, to ensure successful delivery of messages.

Username & Password

The Username and Password is the unique combination that allows users to log into the TimeCard website. The Password is also used on the phone for security.

User Type

A User Type determines:

  • The web pages that the user will have access to;
  • The overtime rules that will be applied.

Administrator and Web User are the default User Types. User types must be defined to match your organization’s Field Workers.

Field Device

The Field Device is the actual phone on which the TimeCard application is installed.

Server Communication

The TimeCard application on the Phone connects to the Server in the background. While it is communicating you may continue to use the application to update or view tasks. Animation at the top of the screen informs you that communication is in progress and whether transfer has been successful.


Task/Customer is the job, task, customer or activity that the Field Worker are working on at any time, or to which task they want to change. A Task/Customer master list is maintained on the website. Field Workers can add a Custom Task if the master list does not contain that Task.

Overtime Rules

Working Hours and Overtime rules must be defined for each of your organization’s different User Types. These rules are required for billing and possibly payroll purposes, and are valid for a configurable date range.

FAQ - Phone



I can’t find the TimeCard icon on the phone.

Go to the Mobile Shop page on your phone and look for the green Clock. If not there, download the TimeCard application from the catalog.

How do I download TimeCard to my phone...?

Client Apps can be installed from Apple IOS or Android stores:

What is DEMO mode?
What can it do?

The TimeCard application is available as a DEMO version and as a Subscription version. In DEMO mode you can use all timecard functionality, e.g. start tasks, go on breaks, resume tasks, but it does not communicate with the TimeCard server and does not incur cost.

The Device ID and/or password field on the Settings page is blank and I don’t know or forgot my Device ID and/or password.

Contact your Administrator.

I am not successfully connecting to the TimeCard server.

You could be out of network coverage area. Check current signal strength by looking at signal strength bar graph on the top of the screen. Check that you are not running the Demonstration version of TimeCard. Ask your Web User to check if you are correctly logged on (from the Field Worker Page on the website).

There is no Task/Customer List in the application.

Exit and restart the application. If you still do not have a Task/Customer list, contact your Administrator.

Can I use the phone while TimeCard is active?

Yes! Your phone will automatically receive incoming calls and you can also make outgoing calls with Timecard in the background.

What happens to incoming phone calls when TimeCard is busy connecting to the server?

The incoming call will pop to the front for you to answer.

How often must I charge my battery?

Charge the battery as often as possible. Use a car charger when traveling between job locations.

FAQ - Website



I forgot my password.

Contact your Administrator to allocate you a new password.

I can’t see all users on the List page.

The list is filtered according to 2 filters: Users and Event Time. Try another filter setting.

I am getting an error (exception) message.

Contact Technical Support to log the error.

I get the following text in the browser window:
Warning : Page has Expired.
The page you requested was created using information you submitted in a form. This page is no longer available. As a security precaution, Internet Explorer does not automatically resubmit your information for you.
To resubmit your information and view this Web page, click the Refresh button.

Click the refresh button to reload the screen. Pages expire on secure sites when the back button is pressed. This prevents repetition of any changes that were made.

Where do I manage organization specific details such as Updating Contact Details, User Types, Customer/Tasks, Overtime Rules, etc?

Contact your Administrator. Only Administrators have access to the Admin pages. (Key icon in the menu bar)

What does CSV file on the Report page mean?

CSV file - creates the report in comma-delimited file format. This file can be opened and viewed in a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft® Excel.

The system logs me out automatically after a period of time.

A security timeout logs users out if they have been inactive for a period of time exceeding 30mins. Enter your username and password to re-enter the website.

Can an Administrator and Web User have a phone and receive jobs?


How do I change the User Type of one of my Field Workers?

It is not possible to update the User Type of a Field Workers, because reports and overtime rules are associated with the User Type. To update the User Type, your administrator must delete the Field Workers from the Field Worker Page, and recreate them with a new User Type.