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FAQ – Glossary


EService Term


Device ID

The Device ID is the mobile phone number of the phone running the EService application.  The server uses this to deliver jobs to the correct Field Worker.

Username & Password

The Username and Password are used to check the identity of users: both those who use the website to dispatch jobs, and those who receive jobs on their phone.

Field Device

The Field Device is the phone, or PDA, on which the EService application is installed.

Resources (Parts) and Resource Groups

A Resource (or Part) is something that needs to be associated with a job.  For example, a company specializing in window repairs may need to indicate the quantity of glass, framing and putty used per job.


A Resource Group is a collection of Resources.  For example a Resource Group of Glass may contain several different types of glass (colored, clear, misted and tinted).  Other common examples of Resource Groups include labor rates, callout charges, parts and solution codes.


For more information:

Ø       On setting up Resources and Resource Groups for your organization, see the Administrator Guide.

Ø       On adding Resources to a job, see the Field Worker Guide.

Server Communication

The EService application on the Phone / PDA can connect to the Server periodically to check for new jobs.  While it is communicating you can continue to use the application normally.  Animation at the top of the screen shows when communication is in progress and whether or not it is successful.

Connection Interval

The Connection Interval determines how often the EService application checks with the Server for new jobs and other messages.  A shorter connection interval reduces battery life and increases airtime.

Job State (Status)

An EService job follows a clearly defined lifecycle as follows:  Pending -> Accepted -> Enroute -> Started ->Pre-Signoff -> Completed



Ø       A job may be Missed, if it remains in the Pending state too long, see following below.

Ø       A job may be Rejected or Reassigned, rather than Accepted, in which case the lifecycle ends at that point.

Ø       A job that has been Started, may be placed On Hold, and then Resumed as required.

Ø       A job may also be Recalled or Cancelled from the website.


The Administrator can specify which job statuses are available for each job type. I.e. a Quote


A job may also have its state changed via the website.  If this happens the job is said to be “Dead in Field” and subsequent state changes from the Field Worker are ignored.

Missed Job

A job may be Missed, if it remains in the Pending state too long (see above).  The period after which this occurs can be set on the phone / PDA.


The job’s Event List displays the following text for a Missed job:  “Auto Reject – Missed Job”.

Expired Job (System Timeout)

A job will expire if it is not delivered to a phone / PDA within a certain time period.  An Administrator can adjust this time period through the website.


An expired job shows as Rejected on the website and the following reason is given its Event List:  “MsgQ expiry reject Dispatch timeout – Field Device not contactable”.

External ID

The External ID is a field that represents a third party client identifier:  For example, a plumber may work for an insurance company so the external ID will represent the actual client e.g. Mrs. Smith which may be known to the insurance company as a customer number e.g. C2365890.

Regular Customer

Customers may be saved as once-off customers, or may be flagged as ‘Regular’.  If you expect to do multiple jobs for a customer frequently, set the Regular tick box to true.  A maximum of 1000 regular customers may be created for an organization.  There is no limit on the total number of customers.

Job Recall

The Job Recall (Undispatch) function is used when you want to recall a job from a phone/PDA, but still want it to be available for re-dispatch to the same or another Field Worker.

Job Cancel

The Job Cancel function is used when you want to cancel a job.  Once canceled, it is not possible to re-dispatch that job.


FAQ - Website






I forgot my login or Password

Contact your administrator to allocate you a new password.  Alternatively contact Support:

USA: 1800 805 6642


UK: 0845 456 1660



Not able to log into the site

Contact your administrator.  Alternatively contact:

USA: 1800 805 6642


UK: 0845 456 1660



I am not able to view the map.

Map functionality is only available to organizations that have their country set to ‘USA’.


How do I move around or zoom in and out on the map?

 You can move the slider or click on [+] or [-] buttons to zoom in or out. 

 You can also click on the set of 4 arrows, or click-and-drag the mouse to pan the map in any direction.

Note: If the job locations are geographically too far apart, all jobs may not be displayed on the first map that is displayed.


The map controls don’t work on my PC.

Check that your Internet browser has JavaScript enabled:

·         Open Internet Explorer;

·         Select Tools > Internet Options;

·         Select the Security tab;

·         Click the Custom Level… button at bottom. The Security Settings dialog box will pop up;

·         Under the Scripting category, enable:

·         Active Scripting,

·         Allow paste options via script, and

·         Scripting of Java applets.

·         Click OK twice to close out. 

·         Click Refresh.


Can I center a job on the map?

You can click on the search  button next to a job to center the job on the map.


The map changes from being displayed to being hidden all by it self.

The Show/Hide state of the map is only remembered when you click the ‘Filter’ button.


I can’t see all of the jobs on the Job List page.

The job list is filtered according to filters: Job Status, Date Range or Duration, and Team.  Be careful that you do not select a date range that is too large – otherwise it will take a very long time to return all possible jobs.


Why are some jobs displayed in red in the list?

Cancelled jobs are displayed in red.


A job is displayed as a half hour block, even if it is only 15 min long.

The Schedule only shows blocks of 30 minutes, so when the job duration is anything between 0 and 30 minutes, it will show one block.

Job durations are rounded to the nearest half-hour.


There are red blocks labeled CLASH on the Schedule page.

Multiple Jobs have been scheduled in the same half-hour timeframe. Click on the  image to drill down and see each of the job numbers within that timeframe.


Jobs move around on the Schedule screen.

A job is first displayed according to the allocated commitment start and end time.  If a field worker updates the commitment start or end times on the field device, the new times are reflected on the Schedule screen.  When the field worker starts the job, the actual start time is reflected on the Schedule screen.


What is the purpose of the Unassigned Jobs feature?

The ‘Unassigned Jobs’ feature makes it easy for you to assign or reschedule work without having to open and view the job.  All unassigned jobs for the day can be viewed at a glance and then allocated to available field workers by simple drag and drop.


How can I find an existing job if I don’t remember the job number?

You can enter the customer name or any part of the customer name and a list of all matching jobs will be returned.


What does HTML and CSV on the Report page mean?

HTML – creates the report in the browser window.

CSV - creates the report in comma-delimited file format.  This file can be opened and viewed in a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft® Excel.

Field Worker

Can I set up my field workers to belong to different teams?

Yes, Contact your administrator to set up field Worker Teams.

Note: A field worker can only belong to one team at a time.


When I add a new customer I get this message: “Address could not be found on map. Please refine your search. Make sure all street and city names are spelled correctly. Make sure your address includes a city and state. Try entering a zip code.”

The Address you entered could not be found on the map.  Check that the details are correct.

The EService server will still accept an address that failed the address check, but it will not be displayed on the map on the Job List page and directions cannot be provided for the location.


What is a ‘regular’ customer?

Customers may be saved as ‘Regular’ customers.  Only if you expect to do many jobs for a customer on a regular basis, set the Regular tick box to true for that customer.  When creating a new job from the New Job page, you will be able to select all regular customers from the dropdown list.  There is no limit on the total number of customers; however a maximum of 1000 regular customers must be maintained.

Only your ‘Regular Customers’ are displayed on the Customer page.  All other customers that have been entered or imported into the database are saved to the database and can be found by doing a search on either ‘Name’ or ‘Phone’ information.

Admin: Manage Organization Details

Why do I need to provide my organization’s information?

It is important to keep your contact information up to date so that you can be informed about new features and special offers, etc.  The Tax rate specified here is a default base rate, but this can be changed for each of your resource groups.

Admin: Manage Job Statuses

The available Job Statuses on the phones do not match the website.

This feature is only available on Verizon Wireless Phones running EService v2.0 or later.

Admin: Manage Job Types and Resources

How do I add parts (resources) to my organization?

Only Administrators are able to upload a list of parts (or resources) to an organization.  This is done as a bulk entry by importing a comma delimited file from a local drive. The file must not contain a header row and must be in the following format:

·         Resource Code (alphanumeric 60) – Due to Phone/PDA screen limitations the recommended maximum field length is 15 characters.

·         Description (alphanumeric 50) – Due to Phone/PDA screen limitations the recommended maximum field length is 40 characters.

·         Price (numeric 10) – Example: 114.50

Resources are uploaded against a previously specified Resource Group. 

The resource list may contain labor rates, callout charges, parts, solution codes or other job related information that has to be captured in a structured format.

Select the Upload button of a specified Resource Group.  The resources you wish to upload will be displayed and must be confirmed.  An error message will inform you if any data is invalid. The new resource list will replace the existing resources list (if there was any).

Admin: Manage Canned Notes

Field Workers cannot see Canned Notes on their phones.

This feature is only available on Verizon Wireless Phones running EService v2.0 or later.

Admin: CSV Customer Upload

The website times out when I try to upload a customer CSV file.

Break your customer list into multiple files.  Limit each customer CSV upload file to 200 customers.

Admin: CSV File Uploads

Uploading CSV files

Customers, Field Workers and Resources may be saved to the EService Server using CSV (comma delimited) files.  Refer to the Administrator Guide for the correct file formats.


I am getting an error (exception) message.

Contact Technical Support to log the error.

USA: 1800 805 6642


UK: 0845 456 1660



I get the following text in the browser window:

Warning: Page has Expired.

The page you requested was created using information you submitted in a form. This page is no longer available. As a security precaution, Internet Explorer does not automatically resubmit your information for you.

To resubmit your information and view this Web page, click the Refresh button.

Click the refresh button to reload the screen.  Pages expire on secure sites when the back button is pressed.  This prevents repetition of any changes that were made.


Where do I manage organization specific details such as Updating Job Types, Editing Field Workers, Adding Resources, etc?

Contact your Administrator.  Only Administrators have access to the Admin pages. (Key icon in the menu bar)


The system logs me out automatically after a period of time.

A security timeout logs users out if they have been inactive for a period of time exceeding 30mins.  Enter your username and password to re-enter the website.


Can an administrator and dispatcher have a phone and receive jobs?



FAQ - Phone/PDA




The Parts/Notes menu option is grayed out. (Eservice v2.0 or later)

The Job Type does not have the job status ‘Start’ or ‘PreSign’ enabled.  One of these two statuses is required to access the Parts/Notes menu option.  Contact your Administrator.

Can I specify a tax rate for parts I added to a job?

You are able to specify a preferred tax rate for a part added to a job on the phone.  This is recorded on the phone and sent back to the server when you complete the job.  The amended tax rate only applies to

This feature is only available to Field Workers who have EService BREW v2.0 on their phone.

The information fields are not ordered in the same way as on the website.

The order in which custom fields are created is maintained on the website, but not on the phone.

I am not able to see the list of Canned Notes

This feature is only available on Verizon Wireless Phones running EService v2.0 or later.

Optional Job Statuses

This feature is only available on Verizon Wireless Phones running EService v2.0 or later.

I can’t find the EService icon on the phone.

Go to the Mobile Shop page on your phone and look for the green E. If not there, download the EService application from the catalog.  You can also ask your dispatcher to Start the Eservice application from the Website.

How do I download EService to my phone...?"

Click here to view an overview of how to download EService to a phone.

What is DEMO mode?

What can it do?

The EService application is available as a DEMO version and as a Subscription version.  In DEMO mode the splash and welcome screen indicates that the application is running in Demo mode and that the application is only functional for a limited number of days.

The Device ID and/or password field on the Settings page is blank and I don’t know or forgot my Device ID and/or password.

Contact your Administrator first.  If you still need assistance, contact Technical Support on

USA: 1800 805 6642


UK: 0845 456 1660


I am not receiving any jobs.

You could be out of network coverage area.  Check current signal strength by looking at signal strength bar graph on the top of the screen.

Check that you are not running the Demonstration version of EService.

Ask your dispatcher to check if you are correctly logged on (from the Field Worker Page on the website).

I have not received any jobs in a long while.

Press the ‘connect’ option from the popup menu on the Job List page and watch the animation go through its connection routine.

There is no Parts List in the application.

Exit and restart the application.  If you still do not have a parts list, contact your Administrator.

Some menu options are grayed out.

Contact your Administrator.  The menu options may be grayed out intentionally.

Can I use the phone while EService is active?

No.  Close EService to make a phone call.  If you need to call a job customer, you can do that from within EService using the call button.

Your phone will automatically receive an incoming call, as long as EService is not making a data call at the time.

What happens to incoming phone calls when EService is busy connecting to the server?

The incoming call will be diverted to your voicemail.

How often must I charge my battery?

Charge the battery as often as possible.  Use a car charger when traveling between job locations.