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Welcome to the EService Sign-up Wizard
Follow these steps and you will soon enjoy the benefits of a fully mobilized field service team.

You will need the following:

  Your organization contact details

  A phone with EService downloaded. The following phone models are supported:
  -  Audiovox CDM-8940
  -  LGE VX4500
  -  LGE VX4650
  -  LGE VX4700
  -  LGE VX5200
  -  LGE VX6000
  -  LGE VX6100
  -  LGE VX7000
  -  LGE VX8000
  -  LGE VX8100
  -  Motorola E815
  -  Motorola V260
  -  Motorola V265
  -  Motorola V276
  -  Motorola V325
  -  Motorola V710
  -  Samsung SCH-A850
  -  Samsung SCH-A890
  -  Samsung SCH-A950
  -  Samsung SCH-A970
  -  Samsung SCH-N330

  Good Signal Strength (i.e. you can make a call on your phone)